Voting (was Re: PEP 318

AdSR artur_spruce at
Wed Mar 24 09:39:22 CET 2004

Ville Vainio <ville at> wrote:
> FWIW, I prefer 
> def f(x,y) [wrapper,wrapper...]:
>         pass
> or
> def f(x,y) as iterable:
>         pass
> and would oppose
> def f [wrapper, wrapper...] (x,y):
>         pass
> Like others, I want to see the param list right next to the function
> name.

I like the "as iterable" form much better than any other. The "as"
word says immediately what it means.

Also, since in some situations tuples are written without parens ("a,
b, c = three_elem_tuple"), you could allow for:

def f(x, y) as decor1, decor2, decor3:



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