Choosing Perl/Python for my particular niche

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Sat Mar 27 18:26:02 CET 2004

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>Cameron Laird wrote:
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>> My current instinct is that you'll be happiest with Perl--
>> but it's a close choice, all around.  I'm most accomplished
>> in Tcl, and would happily use it, or Perl, or Python.  It
>> seems to me, though, that it's crucial that you be able
>> to exploit libraries that pertain to your domain, and, in
>> particular, optimized engines for linear algebra, graph
>> theory, and linear and mathematical programming.  Tcl 
>> lacks the weight that Perl and, to an increasing extent,
>> Python can boast in their libraries.
>Since you happily use Perl, Python or Tcl, I have a question. How do you 
>decided which one to use?  :-)

Most often, whatever is already at hand.  It'll be interesting
some day to come across an organization that doesn't already 
have a standard in place.

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