monitoring a directory

Noah noah at
Thu Mar 25 19:09:28 CET 2004

Guy Robinson <guy at> wrote in message news:<c3udtb$raj$1 at>...
> Cheers Tim, that's the ticket. Perfect!!!
> Regards,
> Guy
> >>What would be the most efficient or 'clever' way to monitor a 
> >>directory 
> >>for file additions/ modifications on windows?
> >>Currently I'm looping through the directory with a 1 sec delay. But 
> >>doesn't seem that clever.
> > There are two methods that I know of (apart from the simple approach you
> > describe). One is described in this recipe:
> > 
> >

Now how do I do this for UNIX?

I always did the 1 second looping thing and felt somewhat ashamed that
I couldn't think of anything better... It seems like there should be
some sort of blocking system call that will return when a directory or
file changes -- something like "select".


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