Use Python library from C++

Chang LI changli_to at
Thu Nov 25 18:14:30 CET 2004

"Chris S." <chrisks at> wrote in message news:<ukgpd.12554$Vy.6850 at trndny06>...
> zhao wrote:
> > Try boost.python and SWIG?
> > (,
> > 
> > Both provide a interface between C/C++ and python
> > if you want gui under python, you also can try wxpython or pygtk
> I thought SWIG ported C/C++ libraries to Perl, Python, Ruby, Tcl, etc? 
> How would you use it to port Python into C/C++?

SWIG is for Python to use C++. I am searching for in reverse.

> I think what you're looking for is instruction on how to embed Python in 
> your C/C++ application.

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