PyOS_InputHook enhancement proposal

umdehoon umdehoon at
Thu Nov 18 13:32:08 CET 2004

PyOS_InputHook is a pointer to a function that is called periodically (ten 
times per second) while Python is idle, for example, when waiting for a 
user command. Python C extension modules can set this pointer to a hook
function defined in the extension module. For example, _tkinter.c makes 
use of PyOS_InputHook to get messages delivered to its widgets.

A problem arises when two or more extension modules want to set 
PyOS_InputHook. For example, the scientific plotting package pygist needs 
PyOS_InputHook to get messages delivered to its graphics windows, and may 
therefore conflict with the Python GUI IDLE, which uses Tkinter. Chaining 
won't work, as it will fail when an extension module wants to remove its 
hook function.

My suggestion is therefore to replace PyOS_InputHook by two functions 
PyOS_AddInputHook and PyOS_RemoveInputHook, and let Python keep track of 
which hooks are installed. This way, an extension module can add a hook 
function without having to worry about other extension modules trying 
to use the same hook.

Any comments? Would I need to submit a PEP for this proposal?

--Michiel, U Tokyo.

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