[ANN] RO package updated

Russell E. Owen rowen at cesmail.net
Thu Nov 18 21:07:12 CET 2004

RO utility package 2004-11-18 has been released.

RO is a package of python utilities I wrote to support a telescope 
control interface. RO has a strong emphasis on the Tkinter GUI library, 
networking, astronomy and cross-platform support (my telescope user 
interface is regularly used on unix, MacOS X and Windows).

For more information about the package, see: 

The most visible changes are in RO.Wdg.FTPLogWdg and overhaul of the 
underlying ftp package (RO.Comm.GetFile->RO.Comm.FTPGet) to avoid a bug 
in urllib. In addition, there are a few refinements to 
RO.Wdg.Checkbutton and RO.Wdg.Label.

For detailed release notes see: 

-- Russell

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