Python needs a CPyAN

Mike Meyer mwm at
Tue Nov 2 20:40:51 CET 2004

Peter Hickman <peter at> writes:

> Ville Vainio wrote:
>> I think you are overselling CPAN a little bit here. It is not an
>> absolute requirement, and I think Python can easily surpass Perl in
>> popularity even without CPAN functionality. Perl popularity in general
>> seems to be going down, and I don't think Perl is something to worry
>> about anymore. Hell, people rarely even mention Perl these days
>> anyway.
> Just today we required a module that was not installed on our system.
> sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'install Data::Pager'

With PyPI and distutils, we've got 90% of that already. PyPI needs to
grow a link to the tarball, and a way to turn a package name into that
link. Then you need a tool bundled with Python that gets the link from
PyPI, downloads the package, and runs "python install".

If you wanted to be brave about it, you could try scraping the
download link out of the PyPI page, then look for the link to the
tarball on that page.

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