Should I learn Python?

Bruno Desthuilliers bdesth.quelquechose at
Thu Nov 4 15:05:30 CET 2004

Sam wrote:
> So you're saying, in order to write smart, clean, well structured,
> readable code, and have fun doing so, I'm going to have to drop PHP
> and use Python?

Err... You might not have notice, but this was enclosed in a <troll> tag !-)

You can of course write smart, clean, well structured, readable code in 
PHP - it's just that's it's easier and more fun (IMVHO) to do so in Python.

> I'm not really interested in finding a replacement for PHP, it works
> just fine for me.
> I apologize for not phrasing my questions clearly, I wasn't looking
> for critisisms of PHP or why I shouldn't use it. 

I apologize for being a troll.

> What i'm really
> after, is given that I use PHP to develop sites currently, what types
> of situations would/could i use Python in web development? 

Well, there's no exact answer to this question. It's not a matter of raw 
functionnalities, PHP has it all (or almost, but well...). What Python 
has to offer is :
- the language itself, which is IMHO cleaner, smarter and more fun
- frameworks or application servers like Zope, Twisted, Nevow etc

Zope is somewhat not easy to 'get into', but it's worth the effort, and 
you can experience productivity gain even on the first project (well... 
I did at least).

> Is there a
> point when learning Python, that I'll say to myself "why use php?".

Depends on you. I personnally still use PHP for quick&dumb stuffs like 
includes, simple forms etc., cause Python itself would not buy me 
anything for such things and using Zope would be overkill.

> Thanks
You're welcome (and please forgive my trollness)

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