Installed MacPython 10.3 Addons - Can't find Modules, even standard ones.

Lou Pecora pecora at
Sun Nov 7 15:26:45 CET 2004

I upgraded to Panther a month ago and just upgraded to MacPython 10.3 
Addons (as per Jack Jansen's page - thanks, Jack).

But now my programs can't even find standard modules.  from Numeric 
import *  brings up the error window:  Can't find module Numeric.  Even 
trig functions sine and cosine generate the same type of error.  I've 
looked over the FAQ and can't see any answers (maybe I missed 
something).   I'm guessing this is a Path problem, but I'm stumped.  I 
have PYTHONPATH set to some of my modules (which seems to work), but not 
sure what to do about standard stuff.

Any clues appreciated.  Thanks.

-- Lou Pecora  (my views are my own)

P.S. I posted this on Python-Mac-SIG email list, too.  Sorry if you are seeing it again.

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