sh: test: argument expected and os.environ II

Jeff Epler jepler at
Tue Nov 9 19:51:13 CET 2004

Please post your messages as replies, rather than as new threads.  When
I answered your question about SHELL, I had no idea you were trying to
solve some other problem.

> The message error 'sh: test: argument expected' comes from the sentence:  
> energy = atoms.GetPotentialEnergy()   
> in the python script I am running. Could be that this sentence is always 
> invoking somehow the Bourne shell?   

Since 'atoms.GetPotentialEnergy()' seems to refer to some class that is
not a part of Python itself, perhaps you should ask on a list for that
package.  If this is the package known as "ASE" (that's what a google
search gives me) then the mailing list you should try may be

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