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Thu Nov 11 03:17:34 CET 2004

Christian Meissner <cme at> wrote in message news:<BDB82EB7.1CA7%cme at>...
> > Can you explain what you liked about Perl's csv_xz package and/or didn't
> > like about Python's csv module that motivated you to write your own class?
> > 
> I'm a native perl speaker, but at my last work i had to learn python, to
> edit some zope thinks (quite difficult).
> Now i wanna learn python for me and i often work with csv files with perl
> but now i wanna develop some python programs for csv file working.
> In this task i would extend the csv module for my needs

What are your needs, that are not covered by Python's csv module?
You have this comment near the beginning of your source file:
"This File contains classes, which enable you to get mor efficient
access to
    csv - files."
How do you define efficiency? Speed of reading files? Last time I
looked, the guts of the Python csv module was written in C. Memory
footprint? Try sucking in a file with a few million records with your
module and check the memory usage.

> but there i get any
> errors,

What errors did you get when you tried to use the Python module?

> so it was easier for me to develop a class which is like the perl
> one.
> hope it is ok

Istvan has already covered this topic.

> Chris

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