strong/weak typing and pointers

Steven Bethard steven.bethard at
Thu Nov 4 21:34:16 CET 2004

Alex Martelli <aleaxit <at>> writes:
[snip description of using integer parts of float representation]
> Although the details were more antiquated, that was elementary stuff
> taught in electronic engineers' first-year computing courses back in the
> '70s, just in case we ever needed to code our own transcendentals (in
> Fortran, of course -- you weren't expected to master machine code unless
> you took computing electives in 3rd and later years, much less exoterica
> such as Pascal, Lisp or APL).  Is it considered advanced or specialized
> these days?!

I'm obviously upsetting you, and I can see that we're still not quite
understanding each other.  I have to assume that you're not the only one I'm
upsetting through these misunderstandings, so for the sake of the list, I'll
stop responding to this thread.  Thanks everyone for a good discussion!


P.S. If anyone would like to know my response to the float representation
example, please contact me directly instead.

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