Python 2.4 and Visual C++ Express

Tim Peters tim.peters at
Thu Nov 25 00:32:12 CET 2004

> In any case, I think it would be a Good Thing if the Pythonistas
> provided a download of 2.4 compiled under VC++ 6.0, in addition to
> the 7.1 one.

That requires someone who cares enough to volunteer the work, or to
fund the work (presuming someone exists who could be convinced to do
the work for pay).  For various reasons I, and later Raymond
Hettinger, cared enough to keep the MSVC 6 project files working with
Python 2.4, but nobody voluntered to produce a Windows installer for
2.4 based on MSVC 6.  There's no policy against that, but Pythons
don't grow on trees.

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