Python Design Patterns

Tony Ha tony.ha at
Mon Nov 29 11:15:35 CET 2004


I am learning Python for in the pass ten months, and have brought a few 
books about Python. Most of them are good books by its only right, and all 
of them only teach you how to write Python programs using Python syntax and 
Python ways, but no one single Python book explicitly teaches you on how to 
analyst your application, and structure your programmes in a way, so that, 
it is easy to maintain, easily to reuse, (i.e. use loosely couple), and 
easily to extend or add new features (programming to Interface instead of 
Implementation) without introduce bugs into your existing working codes.

I recently brought a book called "Head First Design Patterns" published by 
O'reilly. This book is simply a gem. It shows you how to use and apply 
Design Patterns to analyst and structure your code, so that, the programs 
can be easy maintains, reuse, modify and extend. (It is the books I have 
been looking for a long time while I am learning Python, but cannot find 
one). The only caveat about this book is that the authors use Java (not 
Python) in the examples.

I wonder, can any Python guru out there translate the Java examples in the 
book into Python examples, or write a similar book in Python, perhaps 
called "Head First Design Patterns in Python". I think, this will be a 
great addition to Python books, and a great benefit to Python community.

P.S. I am not sure is this the right news group to post this request.

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