Newbie: Python & ADFGVX Cipher Cracking?

Byron DesertLinux at
Wed Nov 17 15:32:43 CET 2004


I am working on building a program that cracks "ADFGVX" ciphers. 
However, I have run into a minor problem, is has to do with figuring out 
the different potential character re-arrangement combinations.  See 
example below for clarification:

The characters "ABC" can be re-arranged in several different possible ways:

1) ABC
2) BAC
3) BCA
4) ACB
5) CAB
6) CBA

Is there a python function in which I can sent a string of characters to 
-- and it will provide me with a list of all possible combinations 

example function call:   possCharList = allCombinations("ABC")

Any help SINCERELY appreciated!!


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