Python generators in Java?

Robert Oschler no-mail-please at
Mon Nov 15 16:36:55 CET 2004


- I know this is the Python forum
- I know about (and have used) Jython

I already posted this question in  But after a week I have
still not received a single reply.

One of my favorite Python features is generators.  I have to use Java for
one particular project (it happens).  I would like to have something at
least close to Python's generators for the project.

Jython won't do because last I checked it was dormant, and has been for
quite some time.  In addition, the version that it is "frozen" at  (2.1)
does not contain generators (if this is wrong on any point, *please* point
me to a URL for a current version).  I checked the mailing list archive and
except for a single recent post from a party external to the Jython project,
there hasn't been any mailing list activity since 2002.  In fact, I saw my
two unanswered posts about Jython and generators from 2002.  There was a
2.2a (alpha release) in July of 2003 with lots of warnings about using the
code in a production environment, but nothing since.

So does anyone here that has Python and Java experience have any ideas on

Also, has anybody had any experience integrating CPython with Java, if it is
at all possible?


Robert Oschler
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