should i start looking for a new list?

Brad Tilley bradtilley at
Tue Nov 9 19:34:02 CET 2004

James Stroud wrote:
> Being a fellow programmer who also has poor style and limited training, I 
> think your code may be a little to cryptic for people to decipher and thus 
> come up with answers to your questions. I say this because it has been said 
> to me on more than one occasion--and I'm sure it will be said to me yet again 
> in the future as well. Perhaps someone might point you to a python style 
> manual:

I think good programmers like Python because it looks "designed, not 
accumulated". I heard someone else say that, so I don't take credit for 
it, but I think that mindset (designed, not accumulated) permeates 
Python development and its usage. The bad thing about this is that many 
experienced programmers who see this benefit in Python have learned the 
hard way why these things are important where as most newbies have not. 
So at times, assumptions are made that go right over the heads of 
newbies... I say this from my own experience while learning the language.

Perhaps there is some info on the Net that newbie/intermediate users 
could be directed to to help bridge the gap between those that know the 
reasons and importance behind 'good design' and those that do not. I 
think something like this would go a long way to remedying this situation.

P.S. I would consider myself 'upper-class newbie' to 'lower-class' 
intermediate with Python and 'good design' ;)

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