pep 336: Make None Callable

Grant Edwards grante at
Thu Nov 4 16:36:43 CET 2004

On 2004-11-04, The Eternal Squire <eternalsquire at> wrote:

> But isn't the point of Pythonic style to write something as
> tersely elegant as possible?

Nope.  You seem to have completely missed the Zen of Python.

The "point" of Python is to write something in the manner most
easily read, understood, and maintained.  If that takes more
lines of souce code than a "terse and elelgent" one-liner
that's impossible to read the next day, so be it.

> I'd rather not see a bunch of null methods sprinkled thru the
> classes in the libraries that I have to write, and I'd rather
> not to have to import it either.

Then create a single, global Noop object.

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