Parallel processing

bearophile bearophileHUGS at
Wed Nov 17 11:39:05 CET 2004

Hello, this is a small tutorial page about NESL, an easy parallel
programming language:

Its syntax shares some similarities with python one, for example:

function factorial(n) =
  if (n <= 1) then 1
  else n*factorial(n-1);

{factorial(i) : i in [3, 1, 7]};

This computes "in parallel, for each i in the sequence [3, 1, 7],
factorial i"

{sum(a) : a in [[2,3], [8,3,9], [7]]};

sum of sequences is already a parallel operation, so this is a nested
parallelism example.

So it seems to me that Python can be already fit to be interpreted in
parallel, for multicore CPUs, Playstation Cell-like processors, etc.
(few things have to be changed/added in the syntax to make it fit for


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