Python for Reverse Engineering

Brad Tilley rtilley at
Sun Nov 7 17:40:45 CET 2004

Duncan Smith wrote:
>>If your friend was worth his salt as an algorithm writer, he'd be more...
>>But--he is probably making impossible claims here, anyway...
> [snip]
> Doesn't that depend on exactly what is meant by "figure out exactly how the
> algorithm works"?  If it means identify (with absolute certainty) the
> algorithm used to generate the strings, then it surely can't be possible.
> Duncan

That's my thought as well. I don't want to know exactly how the 
algorithm generates strings. But, I think that if I analyze enough 
strings I should know, on some level, what an acceptable string looks like.

Samba coders never see Microsoft's file and print sharing source code, 
yet they are able to emulate an NT server quite well just by observing 

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