why python is slower than java?

John Machin sjmachin at lexicon.net
Wed Nov 10 21:15:54 CET 2004

Hans Nowak <hans at zephyrfalcon.org> wrote in message news:<418C0DB6.1040007 at zephyrfalcon.org>...
> John Machin wrote:
> > Or is this a joke/troll?? I can't believe the "unimelb.edu.au"; surely
> > a forgery.
> Is it just me, or is the climate in c.l.py getting less friendly to 
> newbies?  In any case, 
> http://www.zoology.unimelb.edu.au/staff/nicholas.htm mentions Maurice 
> Ling as an honor student.

No it doesn't. It says "honours student", which indicates solely the
enrolment status, with none of the connotations of merit that might be
attached to the American phrase "honor student".

To the main point: I apologise profusely to the whole world for
starting the thread of the month by not putting "Please turn your
irony detectors on" at the top of my post.

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