should i start looking for a new list?

Jeremy Jones zanesdad at
Tue Nov 9 14:39:26 CET 2004

Jelle Feringa // EZCT / Paris wrote:

> I've been posting some of my most burning (newbie) questions to this 
> list, and most of them have been unanswered.
> Should I be posting these questions at a different list, since their 
> technical level is quite low? Am I looking for answers in the right place?
I tried to backtrack and see your emails for the past few days and have 
only come up with 2 (for the month of November).  I'm not questioning 
that you posted, I just wanted to see the content and let you know if I 
thought they were appropriate for this group.  I'll give you my opinion 
on the appropriateness of your postings, but I definitely don't claim to 
speak for the majority of the group.

The one dated 11/1/2004 with subject "newbie troubles: os.popen 
confusion" should have been fine to post here.  (BTW - I would use 
os.path.join() rather than the "+" operator for combining directory paths.)

The one dated 11/8/2004 with subject "newbie question | shell scripting" 
again should be fine.  Looks like you got some help there.

If you have any still unanswered questions, you could re-post them, with 
notes of what you've tried since the original posting and failed at and 
what specific problems you're (still) having.  And, not that you're 
guilty of violating it, but I've got to insert the ubiquitous link to, else I may take some 
crap for leaving that out.


Jeremy Jones
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