Python needs a CPyAN

Stephen Ferg steve at
Wed Nov 3 15:04:44 CET 2004

> Lots of people *want* a PyPAN; the number of people willing to work on it is about zero.

Admitted.  Or perhaps those with the skills needed for the work aren't
able to undertake such a big job without financial support. That's why
I proposed that PSF put out a special RFP for grant money to seed the
work. My whole post was an argument for that proposal.  Here's the
argument in a nutshell.


PSF's mission is (among other things) to support Python's long-term

Popularity is part of what it means to be successful.  Popularity is
important to the Python community because it means jobs for Python
developers, and usage of Python by organizations that need it.

Python will never catch up to Perl in popularity without CPAN-like

Therefore, Support for CPAN-like capabilities for Python is critical
to Python's long-term success.

Therefore, in keeping with its mission, PSF should offer grants
specifically targeted at producing a CPyAN.


This issue should be of critical interest to all Python developers,
because it means the difference between the existence and the
non-existence of opportunities for developers to use Python on the

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