Help on installing PyQt on MacOSX 10.3 needed

Svenn Are Bjerkem svenn.are at
Wed Nov 10 08:57:09 CET 2004

Kevin Walzer wrote:
> Svenn Are Bjerkem wrote:
> |
> | you are perfectly right. I went back to the documentation and paid a bit
> | more attention and with your information in mind, I now see that it is
> | talking about a selfcontained python with pyqt. I guess that I want to
> | use the qt bindings *dynamically*. That means that I have to find a way
> | to tell Python where to find the pyqt that I installed.
> |
> | In tcl I would either have installed into a directory in auto_path or I
> | would have extended auto_path. How is this done in Python?
> |
> PyQt is installed in the site-packages directory on OS X--there's
> nothing special you need to do, it "just works" and loads up fine.

Well, then I must have done something wrong since I get the error 
message that there is no module called qt available.

On the command line of Python I did import sys and print sys.path to get 
the built-in search path. I checked the location where make install put 
the pyqt build vs the list of directories in sys.path and found that 
Python *should* be able to find pyqt. (There is a README file in that 
directory saying that this is the place to put third-party files, but I 
don't know if I have to do anything special in that which is 
mentioned in that README file)

When I do import qt on the Python commandline, which file(s) in the 
third-party directory will be searched for first? If I knew that I could 
check if make install was successful generating all needed files.


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