AX.25 modules for python?

Andy andy at
Tue Nov 9 02:20:40 CET 2004

Eric S. Johansson wrote:

> Andy wrote:
>> I am considering writing some Linux based client applications for amateur
>> radio in python as a learning exercise however, I have not been able to
>> find ax.25 python modules.  Can anyone point me to work that has already
>> been done in this area?  The only option I have found so far is to use
>> SWIG and build my own wrappers for the ax.25 modules, but that seems
>> beyond my current level of expertise :-)
>> I have had success with python server applications using ax25d, stdin,
>> and stdout, but examples of python ax.25 server applications would also
>> be welcomed.
> I don't believe there are any ax.25 modules.  too small a community if
> you're looking for amateur radio operators who are also python
> programmers.  I know of 2.  ;-)
> I have a friend who is working on some wavelet image compression and
> data transmission schemas.  He's really really good at the lower levels
> but human factors are best described as not his forte.
> ---eric, ka1eec


I fear that you are correct about the size of the community of interest.  As
my python knowledge matures I may take a stab at creating an ax.25 module
in the hope that others with more skill will take pity on me and help out.

Andy, K3JSE

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