Zope 3.0, and why I won't use it

Martijn Faassen faassen at infrae.com
Mon Nov 15 16:23:31 CET 2004

Nicholas Wieland wrote:
> Sorry, probably I'm just tired (work to buy coffee <-> drink coffee to 
> work inifite loop, as usual :p), but I can't find where exactly they
> made such a claim. I'm really interested in this because a friend of
> mine (Volonghi) asked me exactly the same question... I think that
> "someone - somewhere" misunderstood what interfaces are, but I'm not
> sure. The only thing I'm sure is that I'm writing components for ZopeX3
> in plain old good Python from milestone 3 :)

This zdnet article made such a claim:


I think it's just a case of a journalist trying to make comprehensible 
with that Zope 3 interfaces do.

Zope developers have also extended the Python programming language so 
that variable types are specified, rather than being loosely typed, said 
Richter. He hopes that these changes will eventually be given to the 
Python project.

That or Stephan Richter didn't explain it very well. :)

Interfaces are just annotations for classes and don't change the dynamic 
typed nature of Python at all. Interfaces do allow for powerful 
introspection (which the component architecture builds), and they also 
function as API specification.



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