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not [quite] more i squared ruses at users.ch
Wed Nov 17 12:26:23 CET 2004

Shouldn't there be a group working on endowing Python with an optiomal 
annotations syntax making trivial the (reversible) cross-language 
source-to-source translation from(/to) java or c# to(/from) equivalent 
python-jvm or python.net ?

Annotated-python-as-a-jvm/net-bridge-ly yours,

Morris Carré
PS OK, I guess annotations management is a MOP issue. I guess ideally, 
"meta-python" should stipulate any implementation over a foreign vm/runtime 
should display the "delta-MOP" of the underlying object system. The zope 
database for instance would have a "delta-MOP". Jython is essentially 
someone's (Jim Huguenin's ?) invention of expressing the (python) delta-MOP of 
the JVM into (Java) code using Java's reflexion API while interpreting Python 
as a side-effect ;)

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