Plone and mod_python

Tony Ha tony.ha at
Fri Nov 12 14:31:30 CET 2004

Hello Thornsten and Bruno

Thanks very much for the explanations, from your answers, it looks like, it
is better
to use "Plone + Apache". Is this means I need to install Apache, then Plone,
configure Apache or Plone to talk to each other?

But under the downloads it offer a bundle installer for Window XP.
this mean the bundle will use Zope and the built-in Medusa as the web
server? and I
do not need Apache?

"Thorsten Kampe" <thorsten at> wrote in message
news:gr3aeg0wjjx.dlg at
> * Tony Ha (2004-11-12 11:42 +0100)
> > Can some one explain what are the differences between "plone" and
"Apache +
> > mod_python"?
> Plone is a content management system (CMS) based on the Content
> Management Framework (CMF) based on the Zope web application server
> > From It says "Plone is powerful and flexible. It is ideal as
> > intranet
> > and extranet server" does this mean if I use "plone" I do not need to
> > install
> > "Apache + mod_python"?
> Plone (in specific Zope) needs a web server to serve HTML pages. You
> can use the builtin Medusa for that or Apache for larger environments.
> mod_perl enables Apache without Zope to execute Python scripts (CGI).
> Thorsten

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