Identifying bundles in MacOS X

Michael J. Fromberger Michael.J.Fromberger at Clothing.Dartmouth.EDU
Tue Nov 16 14:10:15 CET 2004

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> Michael J. Fromberger wrote:
> > Actually, Apple's developer documentation seems to imply that there 
> > is a "bundle bit" in the Finder info (or possibly the extended 
> > Finder info) for directories, and that if this bit is set, the 
> > Finder will treat the folder as a bundle.
> It's worse than that... the bundle bit _might_ or _might not_ matter, 
> since it's not always present, and some extensions are known or not 
> or... ugh.

The plot thickens!  

> I'm not sure if there's a standard Python module to expose Launch 
> Services, but here's a C snippet; use it as you like:
> [...]

Thank you very much for your advice, and for the sample code -- I will 
play around with this snippet, and see I can get what I need.  It looks 
promising!  If it works out, it will not be so difficult to add it as an 
extension module.


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