ruby on rails ... python on ?

John johng2001 at
Tue Nov 2 04:18:58 CET 2004

> yeah, zope.
> It is so good it does not even look like python on the
> surface ... one of the biggest mistakes in developing
> web-frameworks is over-emphasizing the underlying
> programming language.
> A good web-framework should not look like
> Ruby or Python, that is not what these languages were
> designed for.

Why do you say that? I could agree if Zope could be programmed in many
languages. Then not tending to any language would be a benefit. On the
contrary, I see things like ZODB making things that are not Pythonic,
look Pythonic and that is considered a good feature.

A Python only framework not feeling like Python was a deterrent for me
to learn Zope well.

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