Extending Python questions

Eli Daniel elie at flashmail.com
Wed Nov 3 18:30:41 CET 2004

I am relative new to Python. Please tell me if the following is
I have a command line shell written in C. This shell executes some
commands which I would like to import to the python shell.
Here is an example command from my shell:

openconnection www.yahoo.com 12 2000

So I've created a dll (myshell_d.dll) according to the manual
("Extending Python with C or C++") and it works. The problem is the
syntax I have to use now is


It's not only the problem of comfort - it's a problem of changing
*some* scripts. And there's more than that - my shell functions
already know how to handle it's arguments (which's number may vary),
it doesn't need python to do that. All it needs is a pointer to a
string representing the arguments (in our case "www.yahoo.com 12
2000"). I've tried using PyArg_UnpackTuple but without success.

So I have two questions:
1. Is it possible to move the calls to a upper level (i.e. call
"openconnection" and  not "myshell.openconnection") ?
2. Is is possible to remove the brackets and commas? (i.e.
"www.yahoo.com 12 2000" instead of ('www.yahoo.com',12,2000)?

My final goal is to use the original commands if possible.
thanks in advance,

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