Summary: strong/weak typing and pointers

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Thu Nov 4 14:54:41 CET 2004

>>>>> Steven Bethard <steven.bethard at> (SB) wrote:

SB> (1)  A language is "weakly-typed" if it allows code to take a block of
SB> memory that was originally defined as one type and reinterpret the bits
SB> of this block as another type.
SB> Definition 1 is the definition most commonly used in Programming
SB> Languages literature, and allows a language to be called "weakly-typed"
SB> based only on the language definition. However, for all intents and
SB> purposes, it is only applicable to statically typed languages; no one
SB> on the list could come up with a dyamically typed language that allowed
SB> bit-reinterpretation.

Not in the language, but through library modules like struct.
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