Email "portal" in Python?

Larry Bates lbates at
Mon Nov 8 16:40:12 CET 2004

What you are describing is Zope (perhaps with Plone add-on).
As with any "powerful" application framework it will require
you to customize it for your purposes.

Larry Bates
Syscon, Inc.

Peter Clark wrote:
> Think of something like MyYahoo: a personalized portal with news
> aggregator, weather forecast, comics, etc. Now instead of visiting a
> web site, think of all of it being sent daily as an email. It does
> have a web interface, but mostly for selecting your content: this is
> my location for weather, these are the news feeds I'm interested in,
> these are the comics I like, save my preferences, and the server takes
> care of the rest. Does such a thing exist? (Even in other non-Python
> languages?) I've tried Freshmeat, and the other usual sources, but so
> far, nothing. If there isn't any such creature, I'll write my own, but
> I wanted to first check that I'm not re-inventing the wheel.
> Thanks,
> :Peter

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