executable from python cod

Nickolay gergina at abv.bg
Sat Nov 27 22:36:26 CET 2004

"Diez B. Roggisch" wrote in message
> When it works - sure, I bet a lot of people are interested.

Thanks for your opinion. I will continue work, but i have a "general
- How name it? :)

"bearophile" wrote in message
> ... this is quite interesting. Can you tell us
> some more about it?
compiler is 32 bits,Intel family

> How we can find/try it?
In this momement only on my comuter ;)
But when i ready with first version, i'll put message to many palces

> How much language can it compile (can it use lists?)
assembler, and basic code other languages - i have problem with

> Is the compiler written in Python (this probably makes it simpler to
> create)?

No but may be will be. I wish to create an absolute free compiler and
IDE with open source.

that's all

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