recover data from html form

Adam C. adam at
Sun Nov 7 20:57:25 CET 2004

Peter Hansen wrote:
> Armand Federico - INFO wrote:
>> How can i recover data from an html module?
>> I have a form that send 3 or 4 text field
>> I wanna to recover this data, to analyse, and process, and insert in 
>> MySQL
>> (mod_python, Mysql4, Apache1.3)
> The question is unclear.  Are you looking for suggestions on
> the process called "web scraping"?  (search the web before
> responding, if that term is unfamiliar to you, please)

I think he's looking for the REQUEST object that mod_python passes in 
containing the GET/POST elements from his text fields.
Check out:
for a quick introduction to using the request object with an HTML form.


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