[web_framework] Basic Question regarding web framework

Jim Smith jbzsmith at lycos.com
Sat Nov 27 20:02:52 CET 2004

Francis Lavoie wrote:
> I have some knowledge with PHP and JSP.
> Secondly, I would like to receive any advice on which webframe is best.

Each of the frameworks uses a different approach and has different 
strengths and weaknesses.  It depends on which one fits you brain the 
best.  The evaluation process can take a fair amount of time.

> Is webware is a good choice?

- Webware - Works well, but requires an application server that 
communicates with the web server.  This is difficult in many hosting 

A few that I like that work in most hosting environments are:

- Quixote - A programmer's approach.  You write a program that has 
subroutines that create the web pages.  This one either fits your brain 
or it doesn't. If you view your site as a program this is good choice.


- jonpy - A better CGI.  It provides an object oriented interface for 
writing CGI programs.  I like it for its simplicity.


- Spyce - Python Server Pages.  Web pages with embedded python.  The 
ability to embed Python chunks including proper indentation is very nice.


All of these work well, it just depends your style.  If you are looking 
for something close to PHP then I think Spyce is your best choice.

Good luck,


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