Wrapping a C library in Python

Mark Asbach mark.asbach at post.rwth-aachen.de
Tue Nov 23 00:25:59 CET 2004

Hi Craig,

> Just out of interest, do you know if SWIG can be used to generate an
> extension module to provide interfaces to the API of an application that
> embeds a Python interpreter?

Why not?

We do that for the next generation of an open source
finite-element-toolkit driven by an embedded Python interpreter.

And it was really nice to see how easy it is to retro-fit new SWIG
wrapped code to already existing hand written wrappers and externally
developed Python wrappers (vtk). So in fact we were able to dramatically
reduce the time spent for writing wrappers and adaptor code just by
using SWIG.

What we needed wouldn't have been possible with Boost.Python and it
would also mean a longer compile time.


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