PyChecker "self is argument in staticmethod"

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Nov 18 18:18:02 CET 2004

Olaf Meding wrote:
> What does the below PyChecker warning mean?
> More importantly, is there a way to suppress it?
>  PyChecker warning:
>   ..\src\phaseid\ self is argument in staticmethod
> My best guess is that the warning is related to PyChecker not
> supporting C++ extensions.

Sounds like a pretty wild guess to me. ;-)

Processing test...

Warnings... self is argument in staticmethod

class A:
     def func(self, blah):

     func = staticmethod(func)

Does your code look anything like the above?  The warning message
is very explicit about what is wrong here...  a staticmethod
should not really have a "self" parameter.


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