wxPython: how to update a panel content/layout according to a variable content

Lo?c Mah? loic.mahe at free.fr
Fri Nov 19 17:19:54 CET 2004


I have a problem to update the content of a wx.Panel already displayed
after changing a variable, used to define the wx.Panel content.

I have the following elements in my code:

DataList:	is a list containing some data

CustomPanel:	is a derived class of wx.Panel,
		it contains one sizer which contains a smaller panel for each
element of the DataList list

After having displayed CustomPanel on the screen, the elements in
DataList change (after a user action like clicking on button)

I would like to refresh the CustomPanel to take into account the
changes of the DataList list
Is there a kind of Refresh/Update function which could update the
CustomPanel so
that evry sizers and panles contained by this CustomPanel are redrawn
according to the current value of DataList ?
or do you have to write your own update/refresh method for Panel and
Windows objects ?
and are you obliged to detroy the CustomPanel  object and re-create a
new one?

I would appreciate any hint/reference to do this, and also a code
sample if possible.



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