Tkinter and Graphics

John Hunter jdhunter at
Sun Nov 14 19:43:10 CET 2004

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew  <nobody at> writes:

    Andrew> Hi I was wondering if there is anyway in Tkinter to create
    Andrew> GUIs using Graphics, like windows media player or other
    Andrew> tools like that

    Andrew> basically so the interface wouldn't be your standard
    Andrew> interface

    Andrew> any ideas, links to tutorials, or examples

    Andrew> is appreciated

This sounds like enthought's enable toolkit, which is still under
development.  Basically, they use the antigrain graphics library to
develop their own GUI widgets, which can then be embedded in a tk
graphic's canvas, at gtk drawing area, a wx panel, etc.  Though enable
doesn't support all of these GUIs currently, I believe, it can in

I've often wished for something like this in developing matplotlib,
because a lot of work goes into supporting multiple GUIs, and it would
be nice to have a core set of widgets that port across GUIs.  Another
approach is anygui, which I've been meaning to look into...


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