scripting languages vs statically compiled ones

Isaac Gouy igouy at
Sat Nov 27 23:15:17 CET 2004

torbenm at (Torben Ægidius Mogensen) wrote in message 
> You could use the "The Great Computer Language Shootout" at
> .  It may give the
> impression that you can't trust the numbers it gives, but I believe
> this is mainly because it is more honest than the majority of other
> language comparisons.  

Thank you! That's very kind - some folk seem to assume it's because
the authors are plain stupid ;-)

However, the websites been rearranged over the last month, so it would
be better to start from one of the main pages:

> The main problem with this test is that the benchmark programs are fairly
> small, so the results may not be representative of large programs.

We'd quite like to include larger programs - but would people
volunteer their time to write larger programs in all those languages?

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