why python is slower than java?

Maurice LING mauriceling at acm.org
Sun Nov 7 07:21:45 CET 2004

> What???  If you are referring to the original IBM PC, which did ship with
> 64k base memory, that was 1980, not 1960.  You could certainly order one
> with more than 64kB.
> In the late 1960s, IBM was worrying about the System/360.  It had a lot
> more than 64kB of base memory.
I was thinking about the part whereby a program is allocated 64k memory 
and other allocations are heap allocations which needs pointers. I 
vaguely recall Turbo Pascal manual mentioned that you cannot statically 
allocate more than 64k of variable memory, which is why pointers are 
needed to circumvent it. And there is something called extended memory 
manager (EMM386.com or something) in DOS 5 that is needed to address up 
to 640kB of memory or something...

DISCLAIMER: before I am flamed again, I wish to say that these are from 
vague memories of more than a decade ago. I may be COMPLETELTY WRONG. I 
was then still an early teens trying to get my games running......

>>>it is comparing versions that are YEARS out of date and use!
>>Are the codebase of Python 1.5.2 and Java 1.1 totally replaced and 
> For new development, yes, Python 1.5.2 has been totally replaced.  There
> are legacy applications running in Python 1.5.2 that aren't worth the
> trouble to upgrade.
>>Lisp compiler is the 1st compiler to be created (according to the 
>>Red-Dragon book, I think) and almost all others are created by 
>>bootstrapping to LISP compiler.
> That's just silly.  It is true that LISP was one of the pioneers of the
> compiled languages, but other compilers were not written in LISP.  Almost
> without exception, compilers were all written in assembly language until
> Pascal came around.

I'm wrong again. I suppose what I am trying to suggest is that design 
decisions made in the last may have a longer effect than what we 
consciously think. At least this is the impression I get while reading 
James Gosling's argument that Java should be object-oriented from day 1 
(and not added onto the language, like in C++) in The Java Programming 
Environment: A white paper.


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