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Giovanni Bajo noway at
Thu Nov 25 04:44:50 CET 2004

Thomas Heller wrote:

>>> suggests that there is no such support in the standard zipfile
>>> module yet, but that a patch has been available for some time (but has
>>> not yet been accepted).
>> "has not yet been *commented*" or even looked at would be more
>> appropriate. In fact, it is no wonder that it is my sole
>> contribution to Python -- I found the lack of responsiveness so
>> depressing.
> Here's one possible way to push it further:

I am sorry for Martin, but this looks like total bullshit to me. I am *not*
qualified to review Python patches because I am not a Python developer. If I
review 10 patches, my work could be totally useless, if not even dangerous for
Python itself. I could easily miss blatant bugs, suggest wrong things,
understand interface decisions wrong. It would be a total waste of time for me;
plus, some real Python developer would have to double-check my work, because it
would be completely fool for them to just blindly trust my reviews. And if they
carefully double-check my work, they could spend that very time by reviewing
the patches themselves.

Usually, you get involved in development by submitting small patches, getting
reviews and comments, learning by your errors, and understanding things as you
go. If the only way to get a review is to produce 10 reviews out of *no*
experience, you do not have time to learn. Plus, it is really surprising to me
that the Python team is so developed-starved to ask random people whose
experience is totally unknown to review patches on their behalf.

If they need more developers, they could stop improving Python for some months,
just how long it takes them to review all those patches. Nobody would scream
and they might end up with a bunch of new wannabe developers to help them.
Giovanni Bajo

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