Newsgroup mood [was] why python is slower than java?

Brian van den Broek bvande at
Sun Nov 7 08:36:37 CET 2004

Maurice LING said unto the world upon 2004-11-07 01:04:
>  > 3) Links to threads that answer common questions
>> Yes, there is an FAQ and yet people still ask why Python gets division
>> wrong. But I've often seen people dig up links to threads for questions
>> perhaps not so common to be written up in an FAQ, but perhaps common
>> enough to merit linking on a wiki page. I'm not under the illusion 
>> that it would solve the problem on its own, but it might well head 
>> some repeat questions off. For those it doesn't, it would give an easy 
>> way to answer.
> This may be useful but it will certainly bring us a new set of questions 
> then, in the form of "is this <whatever information> still holds for 
> <some latest version of python>?" Although computer science stems from 
> mathematics, it had lost an important aspect of mathematics, that is, 
> "once proven true is forever true."
> maurice


I already suspected that only a minority would check such a
resource. On reflection, I think you are likely correct many of that 
minority would then end up asking the sort of question you indicate. 
That *would* be better, but probably not enough so as to make the effort 
of maintaining the resource seem worth the candle. :-(

Of the 3 parts I posted about, this one was the one I am least able to
do a draft of anyway. I think I will take a go at the other two, though.


Brian vdB

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