property for class objects

Steve Menard foo at
Wed Nov 10 03:54:50 CET 2004

As par of JPype, I find that I have to brifge Java static members into 
class attributes.

I am using a metaclass to dynamically create a Python class for every 
Java type encountered. Instance variables were handled by adding a 
property(get, set) to the class's dictionary.

Now static members are giving me a headache. I cannot use "property" for 
them, because properties are for instances only.

What I am currently doing is adding a __getattr__ and a __setattr__ 
methods to the metaclass, which is called when a class attribute is 
requested but not found in the class' dict.

This works fine exact it does not walk the inheritance tree to find 
static members defined in base classes. I am currently adding up all the 
names in every class. This "works", however it is misleading when you do 
a dir() of the class.

Does anyone have an idea how to implement "classproperty" ?

Thanks in advance for any help,


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