Gnome version of Idle?

Christophe Cavalaria chris.cavalaria at
Wed Nov 24 01:43:15 CET 2004

Eric Brunel wrote:

> Dave Anderson wrote:
>> I love using Idle as my IDE for python on Windows.  I've briefly tried
>> some other IDE's, but the clean and simple nature of Idle keeps me
>> coming back to it.
>> Recently, I tried out Idle on Fedora.  The lack of font selection, the
>> lack of anti-aliasing, and the gaudiness of the widgets were a real
>> disappointment.
>> I wish I could have something like a Gnome-Idle IDE, so I can have the
>> beautiful IDE I'm enjoying in Windows over in Fedora-land.
> No need to go GTK: just wait for tcl/tk 8.5 and you'll get widgets almost
> as cool-looking as GTK ones, since this version will include the tile
> extension, adding theme support to tk. See
>> Is their any such IDE available? or, is it even possible that I'll see
>> anything like a Gnome clone or version of IDLE within the next few
>> years?
> Make it months (maybe even weeks...). If you have a Python version using
> tk 8.4 (e.g. Python 2.3), you can even try it today by installing the tile
> package and do in your Python code something like (untested...):
> from Tkinter import *
> root = Tk()
>'package', 'import', 'ttk::*')
> I didn't look how to include this in IDLE, but it should be a matter of
> adding one line after the creation of the Tk instance... But take care:
> according to, it
> will probably break quite a few things, and may even not work at all...
Yeah, another themed widget set. Just what we needed to improve the desktop
experience for the user.

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