cherrypy/cheetah vs twisted/nevow

Charlotte charlotte at donotspam.invalid
Mon Nov 1 10:36:59 CET 2004

I am developing a web application and am looking for the best framework
to do this in. I know this is an old question, and I have read the list
archives and a couple of comparison pages on the web. I played around
with some, and I have reduced my choices to two very different
frameworks: cherrypy+cheetah and twisted+nevow.

I am writing the prototype in cherrypy with cheetah, and I like it
very much. I am very impressed with the speed of development, and
cherrypy seems to fit the way I think. Before this I used webware, but
cherrypy is simpler and easier and does the things I want very well.
Cherrypy is being completely redesigned at the moment. The 'old'
version is no longer developed, the new version just had the first
alpha release. While the new version looks promising, I am uncertain
that it will be ready for production use very shortly. I can of course
just use the old version, which is stable.

Because of my doubt, I went looking for alternatives, and stumbled
upon nevow. I now absolutely think this is the way a web application
should be developed. I like the way ui and code is seperated, I love
formless, and livepage looks very promising.  However, it is still
beta, and reportedly rather difficult to use. 

The application should have a first version finished in about six
months. Security is very important. The users of the application are
fully trusted, so the most important in this regard is authentication
(and encryption, of course), I think. I could, if needed, just code this
myself. It is a relatively small application, at most a few thousand
users, who will not be using the application, much less sending
requests, at the same time. At the moment I do not expect to use much
of twisted's great possibilities.

Any ideas on what you would do, would be most appreciated.


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