Sorting email addresses by domain

Peter Murray pdmurray at
Thu Nov 11 02:58:35 CET 2004

Hi! I hope someone can assist me, I have been using Python for a year or
two, but I am not a programmer and only use it occasionally for small issues
or just for fun. So I perhaps do not have the right 'mindset' to always see
the answer to a problem.

Anyway, I have a list of email address and I want to sort them by domain.
List.sort() wont work as this looks at the start of each address only. So
the answer I have come up with is to split each email address around the
"@", swap the position of the name and domain, build a new list with these
and then sort this. Then switch positions back, and join with an "@". It
works, but it seems a little inelegant. Is there a better, or easier way to
do this?

Code is below. Thanks for any comments!


def sortlist(addresslist):
    l1 = []
    for i in addresslist:
        temp = i.split("@")
        temp[0], temp[1] = temp[1], temp[0]
    l2 = []
    for i in l1:
	i[0], i[1] = i[1], i[0]
	temp = "@".join(i)
    return l2

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