How do you execute an OS X application (bundle) from Python?

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Fri Nov 5 18:25:05 CET 2004

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> But it's not just about configuration.  Much as I like tools such as
> Mail.App or MacSOUP, I resent _having_ to use their editors rather than
> my favourite editor; and Command-A, Command-C, open editor, Command-V
> (to start editing in my favourite editor the text that begins life in
> the editor integrated in such apps), and viceversa when I'm done (plus
> the closing of the editor), is about (at least) half a dozen more
> shortcut keystrokes than I should need for such a common task.  Any app
> that at some point makes me edit text, be it configuration stuff, an
> email, a post, a memo to myself (e.g. in iCal), whatever, _should_ offer
> a simple shortcut to let me delegate the editing to my favourite tool
> for the purpose, in my opinion.

Not quite what you ask for, but you may also be interested to learn you 
can customize OSX text editor key bindings globally:

I think this is only for Cocoa apps (such as and


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