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Mon Nov 22 02:00:00 CET 2004

Considering some recent discussions in this newsgroup about doing a search 
before asking questions, I realized I may just have been guilty of that 
myself.  So I did a search, even though it was after posting that previous 
message.  I found a few recent threads that are relevant also for the OP's 

Hope this helps and my apologies for the long formatted links.


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>I haven't used it myself, but at some point when I was looking for a 
>database I thought this was a very interesting alternative: 
>  Eventually, I chose to forego databases 
>and just pickle a data structure.  Take a look at it and maybe it will suit 
>you.  On the other hand, I would like to hear any opinions from people who 
>have used it, I may decide to use it myself someday.
> Dan
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>> Hello All,
>> I'm looking at implementing DB in my program for
>> analysis of CAD (STL Files).  This database will
>> require the basic functionality.
>> Query
>> Sort
>> Delete/Add Records
>> I did some looking at the DB packages out there. But,
>> I'm not interseted in setuping up some huge thing.  It
>> would be great if it is fast, but I can live with a
>> sub-optimal solution for the present.  My interest is
>> in getting it up and running.
>> Since, I'm new to Python so please don't hold back on
>> the comments.
>> Regards,
>>        Kevin
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